Integration, An Over Used Word or Critical Reality?

I suspect if one where to do a look up on the most over used words in business today, the word “integration” would rank right up there with the word “solution.”

Yet it seems that for most of my career I have noticed that the difference between high performing organizations/teams and those who are struggling is the ability to manage through an integrated.

At the mos basic level integration is about bringing together for the purpose of coordination.  If one were to look up the definition of the word integrate in a dictionary, they would discover that it is described in themes of unification, blending, and coordination.

For me, the word integration in an organization (not IT) realm means simply unifying approaches.  Without integration each part of an organization or a team is operating independently and in a non-optimized fashion.

However, in order to truly achieve integration in the organization, there must be a foundation of alignment.  Without alignment there is no integration.

More about alignment later.