Manager/Employee Relationships

I have often wondered about the concept of the ideal employee.  What do managers look for in their direct reports? 

Do managers prefe someone who is a “yes” person?  Do they prefer someone who fights with them in terms of ideas or implementation?  Do they want someone who seems to offer a different perspective but in reality is offering nothing but more of the same?

All these are worthy questions when trying to deal with complex organizational issues, especially if your team is dealing with change management topics.

The bottom line I believe is seeking a person who is able to respect the chain of command while at the same time be willing to voice a disagreeing opinion.  However, if that is the criteria, perhaps this question has to start with the manager and not the employee.  Perhaps the manager needs to ask him/herself a simple question.  What type of manager am I and what type of manager do I aspire to be?

More later