Strategy Assessment

Strategy Assessments are an excellent tool that allows executive management to view clearly the status of their organization.  While many consultants offer high-level assessments across your organization, our in-depth focused approach ensure you get the information you need to adjust your strategy.  We assess key factors in the development and implementation of an organizational strategy.  We offer two types of assessment, each with a unique focus:

  • Strategy Review: Offers a comprehensive look into all existing strategy documents, both formal and informal.  This can include strategy documents created in-house and by external parties.  This review is aimed at ensuring that the strategy provides an effective and executable picture of the organization’s desired future state.
  • Strategic Status Review: Documents the existence of an organizational strategy, the effectiveness and coherence of the strategy, and where the company is in the implementation process.


Organizational Alignment Assessment

Assessing the organization’s ability to translate its strategy into actionable plans allows management to make important decisions to refine and improve its strategy alignment process.  We assess key factors in the planning and measuring of the alignment of the business to organizational strategy.

  • Annual Planning Assessment: Assists the organization in reviewing its annual planning cycle and ensuring that the priorities in the organization are aligned with the strategy.
  • Measures Assessment: Reviews organizational measurement processes and ensures that they have been carefully considered.  This consideration will confirm that the criteria being measured will lead to the implementation of the strategy.


Project Environment Maturity Assessments

Managing the specific projects and initiatives that support the organization’s strategy is a core requirement to delivery organizational success.  Assessing the ability of the organizational processes and people who delivery these project allows companies to best manage their ability to deliver with excellence.

  • Organizational Project Management Maturity Assessment: Reviews the organization’s structured Project Management processes against industry best practices.  This assessment will identify areas for systematic improvement in Project Management processes across the organization.
  • Project Manager Maturity Assessment: Assesses the level of understanding and professional Project Management skills in the organization.  This assessment assists the organization in identifying opportunities for training and skills build to ensure exceptional delivery of projects and initiatives.


Organizational HR Assessments

The competitiveness of the market for top talent is especially heated in the region.  The physical distribution of the region and ease of access force companies to offer packages aligned with market needs.  However, understanding both the market benchmarks and your organization’s current position in the market can be a challenge.  Our assessments provide you with the regional and international benchmarks necessary to understand the human systems already in place and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Corporate Culture Health Check: Assesses the key characteristics of the corporate culture to provide foundation for ensuring alignment with strategic aims and initiatives.
  • Morale Assessment: Reviews the people within the organization and the morale of the employees.
  • Compensation Assessment: Compares total compensation package against the region and industry.  The assessment will provide recommendations to ensure that the compensation packages are aligned with the company’s strategic aims and interim goals and objectives.
  • Career Path Assessment: Reviews the existing career path to identify how effective it is in motivating appropriate growth and development of human capabilities.  The assessment also determines whether the career paths are aligned with the company’s strategic direction.
  • Recognition and Rewards Program Assessment: This assessment helps companies review their entire recognition and rewards program and ensure that the behaviors and recognition being offered support the strategic direction of the company and effectively aid in retaining employees.
  • Performance Measurement and Improvement Assessment: Provides an overall understanding of how well the human performance measurement is being accomplished in alignment with the corporate measurements required for implementation of the strategy.  Ensures that appropriate goal setting, measurement processes, and improvement methods are in place.