Design and Formulation

Strategy Formulation

Strategy Formulation facilitates executive management through creating an organizational understanding of the future state of the company.  This is based not on a set of standardized templates, but rather on the unique needs and culture of the organization.  Each strategy is customized to suit the customer.

  • Visioning Sessions: Builds the desired future state of the company.  They focus on creating a picture that can be understood by the management team, employees, and shareholders.
  • Mission and Core Values Workshops:  Assists the customer in creating a clear understanding of the company’s reason for existence and core values – in short who the company is.
  • Value Proposition Definition: Defines what value the customer the customer brings to the market, it defines how the customer is different from its competitors and upon what its leadership will be built.
  • Goals and Objectives Development: Documents the 3-5 year goals and 1-3 year objectives that will enable achieving the vision.


Measurement Formulation

Creating performance indicators and targets that are aligned with the organization’s strategy is a critical success factor to continued success.  Using established tools and techniques, Leadership Formation helps executive management to ensure that the right things are being measured.

  • Balanced Score Card Creation: Facilitates the management team in defining appropriate measures and performance indicators across the company to achieve the strategic vision.  The balanced score card ensures that the organization takes a well-rounded look at success factors and defines more than pure financial measurements to ensure corporate viability.
  • Business Plan Alignment: Assists organizations in aligning their business plans to enable strategic implementation.  Provides a bridge between strategic visioning and implementation activities.
  • Operational Plan Alignment: Takes business plan alignment to the next lower level by aligning specific operational plans with the strategy, including accounting plans, Human Resource plans, etc.


Priority Formulation

The art of knowing which project and initiatives to undertake first can make the difference between a successful strategic implementation and a failed one.  Prioritizing initiatives and building sustainable processes that facilitate on-going priority setting put your organization on the path to success.

  • Project & Initiative Review and Assessment: Reviews projects and initiatives identified to implement the organization’s strategy.  Assess the ability of the organization to achieve the Strategy based upon the current priorities.
  • Prioritization Workshops: Facilitates the management team through prioritizing the most appropriate and effective projects and initiatives to implement the strategy.  At the end of the workshop, the organization has an ordered list of projects to be undertaken.
  • Prioritization Process Methodology Development: Works with the organization to develop and implement a consistent methodology to prioritize projects and initiatives.


Building Project Management Systems

Systematizing the process of delivering projects and initiatives helps organizations become consistent in their approach and quality.  Designing and implementing these processes requires an in-depth understanding of industry best-practices and regional intricacies.  To support your organization in the development of these processes, we offer the following products.

  • Project Management Office Build: Using data collected in the organizational PM Maturity Assessment, Leadership Formation leads customers through building an organizational home for its delivery excellence.  This includes defining the profession of Project Management within the organization, ensuring appropriate delivery reports that enable management to make decisions, and establishing a methodology tailored to the organization to ensure consistent delivery across projects and clients.
  • Project Manager Development: Helps the organization define its company-wide development needs and implement a system to address the needs of each Project Manager, using the results of the Project Manager Maturity Assessment as a foundation.
  • Ongoing maturity assessments:  Aides the company in building its own delivery maturity assessment system to measure the effectiveness of improvement initiatives.


Organization Build

One of the most challenging and time consuming activities in any Human Resources organization is building new offerings for employees.  As a result, we provide augmentation and expertise in building and improving Human Resource systems in accordance with best practices.

  • Career Path Construction: Creates a career path, position descriptions, and entry criteria aligned with the organization’s culture, strategy, and needs.
  • Salary Scale Review and Construction: Reviews organization’s salary scale against industry bench marks and designs a scale that is aligned with the overall corporate strategy.
  • Performance Evaluation Construction and Improvement: Builds performance programs that evaluate individual annual performance based upon their contribution to achieving the organization’s strategy, goals, and objectives.
  • Recognition and Reward Program Creation:  Designs a recognition and reward program tailored to the culture and needs of the company to assist in reducing turnover and improving employee morale.
  • Job Profile and Description Development:  Provides expertise in the creation of new job profiles and descriptions to ensure positions are standard across the industry and work with the corporate strategy.
  • Professional Development Program Build: Details corporate methods for the development of each employee.  Includes building mentoring programs, aligning training organizations with corporate strategy, and clarifying development activities associated with career paths.