PM3. Project Management Leadership Skills

Project Managers must develop their ability to deal with the people side of projects in order to achieve success.  While much time and attention is spent on training for the foundation skills, far less is spent on the soft skills.  Understanding how to effectively negotiate corporate politics and complex organization structures is vital.  Team members are also often located in different regions, countries, and cultures.  Project Managers need to be able to navigate complex dynamics to translate hard work into project success.  This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and applied practice needed to successfully set/manage expectations, communicate and negotiate with stakeholders, and build an effective team culture.  These soft skills form the foundation of what separates a good Project Manager from a great one.  The course will be a mix of hands on training and group exercises.

Learning Objectives

Workshop participants will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How should the project team manage relationships and expectations to ensure success?
  • What types of communication are appropriate for what levels of the organization?
  • What skills does the project leader need in negotiations to ensure appropriate issue resolution?


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for individuals who desire to gain more advanced soft skills in managing, leading, and participating in the project environment.  Attendees may include project managers, managers of project managers, senior project management practitioners, and project team leads. 


Workshop participants should have a basic understanding of Project Management.

Topics Covered


  • Relationships and Expectation Setting

Helps project leaders understand how to identify stakeholder needs and wants to ensure expectations are met.  Session will cover how to guide stakeholders in setting realistic expectations and manage them throughout the project lifecycle. 


  • Effective Communications

Develops a model for communicating about project status and needs with executive stakeholders.  This course is designed to ensure that the communications between the project team and sponsors are couched in the terms of, and meet the needs of, executive management to ensure continuing support and commitment to the initiative.


  • Negotiations and Issues Resolution

Builds skills in utilizing appropriate negotiation techniques and issues identification and escalation to ensure that projects are receiving attention and issues are resolved in a timely manner.  This interactive session helps project leaders get their needs addressed effectively.


  • Building Effective Teams

Creating a team atmosphere that is open, effective, and productive can be a challenge even when the team is in one physical location.  Today’s business environment adds the complexity of crossing regional and cultural boundaries.  This session will prepare participants to more effectively build a team that works as a single functioning unit.


2 days (16 PDUs)