S1. Strategy and Project Portfolio Alignment

The new age of globalization, information, and communications has prompted executives to seek innovative approaches to improve on capturing market leadership.  The quest to execute on strategies in an efficient and effective manner has been, for the most part, an elusive goal for organizations in all aspects of business, government, and academia.  In part this quest has been a challenge because executives have been unable to demonstrate success in achieving key operational objectives through proper implementation of strategic projects.  Further, organizations have struggled in aligning their activities at the strategic level with their day to day tasks and the people who perform them.  These challenges have been a primary driver behind the demand for the disciplined methods of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing strategic initiatives in organizations both large and small. 

The process of building a relevant and achievable strategy in itself is a complex project that requires clearly defined objectives, alignment with overall strategy, and a disciplined process for selecting and prioritizing projects and organizational resources.  This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge needed to fully understand corporate strategy formation, strategic alignment, and initiative maximization.  The course will be a mix of hands on training and group breakout exercises that allow participants the opportunity to apply concepts learned in a stress free, safe classroom environment.

Learning Objectives

Workshop participants will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is corporate strategy and how is it created?
  • How can daily activities and individual performance be linked to the strategy?
  • What is strategic alignment and how is it accomplished?
  • What are the benefits of tools like the Balanced Scorecard?
  • How can an organization ensure that the correct projects are selected?
  • How can organizational resources be prioritized to maximize benefits?
  • How can I ensure that my projects make it to the top of the corporate agenda?


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for individuals who desire to understand the fundamentals of corporate strategy, its impact on projects, and how to use this knowledge. Attendees may include senior project management practitioners, managers of project managers and leaders, and PMO directors/managers. 


Workshop participants should have a basic understanding of Project Management and a familiarity with PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

Topics Covered

  • Corporate Strategy
  • The Benefits of Strategy
  • Aligning the Organization to the Strategy
  • Developing the Balanced Scorecard Framework
  • Identifying and Selecting Initiatives
  • Prioritizing and Managing Initiatives



2 days (16 PDUs)