We just launched our new training program RapidStartPMO. Please visit the site to learn more about the course and be sure to check out the promo video at rapidstartpmo.com.


The new age of globalization, information, and communications has prompted executives to seek ways to improve on the delivery of products and services. The quest to execute on strategies in an efficient and effective manner has been, for the most part, an elusive goal for organizations in all aspects of business, government, and academia. In part this quest has been a challenge because executives have been unable to demonstrate success in achieving key operational objectives through proper implementation of strategic projects and change initiatives. This challenge has been the primary drive behind the demand for the Project Management Office (PMO) as a corporate transformation driver.

Launching a PMO in the organization is often a complex project however, that results in confusion over process, structure, and even terminology. While the profession has been somewhat divided over the concept of PMO and what it is intended to do, this course takes a different approach. The premise is based on a “how to” approach for establishing a PMO by implementing two simultaneous work streams for building and operating the PMO. Through a 12 week journey, the PMO leaders can implement a fit for purpose PMO that can grow based on the needs of the organization. The approach is based on a “building block” mentality that allows the PMO to become operational as quickly as possible through a scale-able design. The concept of “RapidStart” is ultimately focused on a pragmatic model as opposed to an “all or nothing” paradigm. This is a unique approach that almost flies in the face of other approaches that address the topic which tend to focus on designing the “ultimate” PMO as opposed to the pragmatic one. Finally, the course leverages examples of how these building blocks were used in real life situations and projects from across the globe.