G1. General Topics

This mini workshops (4 hours each) are designed as a custom delivered training session focusing on various topics ranging in leadership, project management, and strategy. 

The following is a list of these workshops:

Effectively using the Work Breakdown Structure (1/2 day)

The Work Breakdown Structure is an underutilized tool that helps project leaders define scope, communicate project expectations, and manage changes.  This course will show how to develop and utilize the WBS effectively.

Risk Planning and Identification (1/2 day)

Managing risks, though one of the greatest challenges to the Project Manager, provides significant benefits to the organization.  By appropriately identifying and planning for risks, the Project Manager improves the likelihood of a successful implementation.  This is the first session in a two part series that address how to identify risks and undertake risk planning on your project. (Each session may be taken individually.)

Risk Quantification and Management (1/2 day)

Identifying and planning for risks is only half of effectively managing them.  In order to effectively measure the impact and likeliness of risks, this workshop prepares Project Managers to review the risks facing their projects using comprehensive techniques. In addition, participants will learn when and how to execute upon their risk management plans.   


Business Case Development (1/2 day)

Project success begins with the documentation of a strong, justified business case, which articulates the benefits of the projects and its high level scope.  Producing a strong business case depends on a delicate combination of quantitative and qualitative elements.  During this session, you will learn to build a project business case that will be selected and also understand when it is time to kill the idea.

Procurement Project Management (1/2 day)

To ensure that an organization’s purchasing strategy contributes to the achievement of its overall strategy a defined process must be in place.  This process will assist the organization in identifying purchasing needs and appropriate suppliers.  During this session, participants will learn how to identify high-level requirements, prioritize and manage conflicting requirements, build an RFP/RFQ, review and select vendors, and pursue fair and effective contracting.

Change Control and Configuration Management (1/2 day)

Change on projects is not a probability, it is a reality.  Effective Project Managers are able to successfully anticipate changes and handle them in a methodical manner.  Participants will see examples of change control process, learn to build their own process, and understand how to monitor and control project change.

 Business Networking (1 day)

As a professional, the ability to build a business network can spell the difference between success and failure.  Networking is a core element in building your professional skills.  Your network already has potential mentors, business partners, employers, customers, and service providers.  A well-utilized network can open doors and build on skills in a way that is difficult to match.  However, networking remains a grey area for many professionals who find themselves unable to capitalize on all that it has to offer.  This course is intended to help highlight key tips and hints that help utilize your network to increase your professional effectiveness and business success.